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Optional learning activities - notification mail

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We noticed that in Learning, when assigning an item to a user with assignment type "Optional" but with a due date, the system sends an email notification with "Mandatory learning activities are overdue". Since we find this confusing, we wanted to ask if the system can differentiate between Optional or Mandatory in the mails at all and if it is possible to adjust this accordingly so that when an assignment is optional with a due date, "optional learning activities are overdue" is displayed in the mail.


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Saskia - The notifications can usually be customized with the desired language. It depends what notification template you are using. We use the template below for both "due soon" and "overdue" notifications. I know some companies have a separate overdue notification.

Template ID:ApmTrainingExpiration
Description:APM Learning Expiration Notification Email Template

To clarify, we customized ours, and we do not state whether the course is mandatory or optional. That is displayed in the learning plan itself so we feel it is redundant.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Saskia,

The Notification template sent to users when an Item is overdue is the ApmTrainingOverdue.

This Notification will be sent to Mandatory and Optional courses, not being differentiated between mandatory or optional.

The standard email notification template does not have the information that the Item is mandatory or not, maybe the template on your environment is customized.

With that said, the recommendation is to reach out a Certified Partner or SAP Professional Services for assistance with custom templates (KBA