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Opensesame New Updated Integration

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We have had OpenSesame for quite a few years. Right now they have a new integration that we will need to convert to. Currently, the duration information does not fill in on the item details page, but on the OCN tab. This means details of time spent training is not translating into learning history reports without manual intervention.

Has anyone moved to the newer integration OS offers? Are there any updates to the data loading?



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Thank you for posting this question. I just recently imported 140+ OpenSesame courses and found we could not add Spanish translations to the multilanguage courses. This is an issue because it negatively impacts the ability to identify these course using Spanish. We were told the direct integration would address this but the options to migrate to the direct integration are not good. We have over 300 OpenSesame courses so the LOE to do either of these options is daunting.

The following is from OpenSesame......SuccessFactors Transition Options 1. Start fresh (Recommended) Deactivate all of your existing OpenSesame courses and send these courses through the new integration. This will ensure all course metadata updates and course retirements are reflected in your learning platform. Additionally, this will ensure courses are not duplicated when sent through the new integration. To ensure learners do not lose their progress, we advise setting a date by which all learners should complete their in-progress courses, then deactivating the legacy OCN courses. Reporting for the courses previously synced through the legacy integration will be available in your OpenSesame Activity Report. FAQ Q: How do I remove the courses from SuccessFactors? A: You can remove all content from an integration using the Activate/Deactivate OCN Courses functionality Q: What about my learning paths / curriculum / assignments? A: You will need to rebuild these using the newly synced content Time Commitment ● 1-2 calls with OpenSesame to set up the integration (sandbox/test environment optional) ● 1 hour to deactivate or retire old OpenSesame content (this can be done in bulk) ● X hours to organize new content into libraries / categories / etc. 2. Use the integration for new content If you’re not ready to refresh your full catalog, you can implement the new integration and use it to only sync new courses. Please note that sending courses that have been sent via the old integration will cause two versions of the course to be available in your learning platform. Learners in-progress on previously sent courses will be able to continue in their courses. Reporting for the uploaded courses and courses synced through the integration will be available in your OpenSesame Activity Report. Course retirement communication will continue for courses synced and will need to be retired within SuccessFactors. FAQ Q: How can I make sure I’m not syncing the same course twice? A: You will need to manually validate that you don’t select a course that has been previously sent Q: What will happen if I sync the same course twice? A: The course will be in SuccessFactors twice Time Commitment ● 1-2 calls with OpenSesame to set up the integration (sandbox/test environment optional) ● Ongoing time to make sure no duplicate courses are sent via the new integration

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