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Onboarding 1.0 post PHV and post NES export files are failing intermittently since June 2023.

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We have been live on ONB 1.0 for 6 years now and have not had this problem until June 2023.  The post PHV and post NES export files are failing occasionally.  The ticket we opened with SAP SF Case ID: 487746 / 2023.

Originally, they said it was a known issue, but over the months since this occurred and reoccurred, they can't determine the root cause. The latest answer back from the engineering team this week is:

The engineering team mentioned that mostly jobs will execute successfully and export the records. But sometimes due to various reasons it will fail.  It may be due to n/w bandwidth or backend service restart, or will sometimes get because of some code issue as well. Based on the scenario, we can't specify the exact reason for this.

Has any other customer experienced this in their ONB 1.0?  Any idea how to solve this?

Thank you

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