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Normalization from GM to PM

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In a PM form, I have 3 different scales: goals (0-120), competencies (1-5), summary/performance (1-3). As goals results come from GM, I disabled normalization (<normalize-section-rating><![CDATA[false]]></normalize-section-rating>) only at objective sect. But now, 1-3 at summary is not working anymore, as goal is not normalizing to 1-3, it remains as 0-120 scale. I try to add "<normalize-section-rating><![CDATA[true]]></normalize-section-rating>" at the summary sect, I save, but when I upload it at provisioning, this line is gone from the xml. I also tried to add "<meta-normalize-form-rating><![CDATA[true]]></meta-normalize-form-rating>" at fm-meta and same happens. Although I don't have an error message, this is not being saved. And normalization stopped working at my form.

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