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Nomination from Nomination portlet is not visible in SoC on the position

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Hi SF Experts,

Can anyone explain the purpose of Nomination and Successor portlets in Employee Profile and when they are used?

We have MDF position nomination method used in the company and used SoC to add successors to positions. In parallel we have Successor and Nomination portlets enabled in Employee profile (sysScoreCardSuccessorPortlet and sysScoreCardNominationPortlet.) where users also can add nominations to positions. What we noticed that when we add nominations in Nomination portlet (which I supposed nomination of users to positions), these nominations are not visible at position level in SoC.

Does anyone know when these two portlets are used? Why nominations from Nomination portlet may not be reflected in SoC on the position object?

Ideally I would prefer to have one place where nominations are made e.g. SoC and can be reflected but not edited in Employee Profile.

Thank you


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