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Next button missing Guided Tour SuccessFactors

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Hello everybody,

I am currently working on updating our guided tours in SuccessFactors and have encountered an issue.

In some steps, I want to provide extra information in an info bubble where users can click the 'Next' button to continue the tour. However, in many of these bubbles, the 'Next' button does not appear, causing the user to get stuck in the tour. I am certain that I selected the setting to show the 'Next' button.

Am I doing something wrong?


Many thanks!



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi J,

Unfortunately, it is not clear what is going wrong because you have selected the option that should make the Next button appear.  It's almost like the context is changing from one step to the next so the GT thinks there is no next step.  I think that you will need to get support involved with this one so raise a ticket using Component ID KM-SEN-CMP and get them to take a look in more detail.