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Need Mentor in FICO Certification


Hello SAP Team,
I did FI/CO S/4HANA Certification 1.5 years back and got first  project based on that. Somehow I feel I have Gap in theory and practical application of skills. When I did certification it was all theory and on the job didn't get to explore all on system. Now since again in between projects, want to fill the GAP. 
Am thinking of redoing entire Certification with system access. Have already register for free women training initiative. 
My objective is to be able to do my consulting job with confidence, be able to decode and debug independently.
Please help on choosing right path. An email would be great. I feel kind of lost.

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Answers (3)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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This is the HXM Q&A forum, which means the SuccessFactors Line of Business.   Probably best to post this thread in a different forum.

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Hi Purvi,

when I just started my career in SAP, I felt exactly the same. You must remember that SAP it is concern to cover all the processes in the interpreses, however after the implementation, the Standard solution covers a 60% to 100% of the processes. The processes that are not covered by the solution needs a technical approach.   

The standard solution its compose by the next topics:

Standard process (Fiori Apps,TCODES and Reports)

Master Data


After crossing all the previous steps, it is time to a technical approach. This approach follows the RICEFW methodology.







With this methodology, you must create a document to build a new solution that complete every part of your process. 

Each new project you face, you will get new tools of the standard approach and new challenges with the RICEFW metodology.

I hope this help you,

Enjoy each project 😄 



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Was this intended for the "Human Experience Management Q&A," aka SAP SuccessFactors?   I suspect it was not.  You may want to repost in a different SAP LOB forum that covers FICO.