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Multilingual content in SuccessFactors Learning


Instead of adding courses for each content locale of an elearning, I would like to offer one course in a variety of languages, so that users ca select their preferred language and we can assign courses by jobs rather by locations. I know how to translate title and description but cannot find out how to add / organize the different content packages in one course. Can anyone advise?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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You can add multiple Content Objects / Content Packages to a single item via the Online Content tab of an item. You would need to configure the item to be marked as completed on teh successful completion of any one content object though. (so that they only need to complete the item in one language)



This is how we manage it as we often have up to 16 different languages on one item. Allows the user to choose the piece of content right for their language requirement

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Hi can you help me and tell how configure it? I have 4 content in two version EN and PL. Two material content and two exams. I need to configure one item with two verison and exam is content to complete item.