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Missing Root Group Folder - Unsorted Issues

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We originally had a Root Group Folder. Somehow it got deleted. We've noticed that our Unsorted Folder has gotten large and when new developers come on to our project, a lot of stuff go into the Unsorted Folder. We were told that it could be due to the root group missing. 

Is there a way we can add the root group folder back or create one in the existing workarea? 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Lauren,

I would do as Dirk mentions and try and restore the folder from the Trash.  If you cannot, you can tag a new folder as the 'root' group folder.  To do that:

1. Create the new folder that is to act as the root group folder - you need the folder in Producer so you can create it there if you like
2. In Producer, right click the folder, that is to be the new root group folder, and select Group Options > Set Root
3. Synchronize the changes back to Manager

If you are still having issues with content going into the Unsorted Folder, just make sure that authors are not retaining the editing control of individual folders.  When they finish editing an option, they should return editing control, including editing control of any folders that they have editing control over.