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Missing fields in project view of SEN

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We have been doint some integration of SEN with Fiori Launchpad, on our SEN Test system.

We want now to do the same with our production system.

To display custom learning content in a given Fiori App, we had to manage, in our SEN Test system, the following fields :

Context : context of the Fiori App, which is the intention behind it (example : SalesQuotation-manage).


Product Version : 2020.latest

When connecting to our SEN in production, the field "Context" is not present, as well as some other fields.

This is a screenshot in our test system :

This is a screenshot in our production system :

As you can see, several fields are missing, including one we need to maintain : "Context".

How do we make this field available in our productive SEN ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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