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Migrating SAP ERP Time management customizing to Employee central

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Hi Team,

We have a leading Time system at current which is in SAP ERP HCM that is used for managing absence, generating quotas & time calculation.   I wanted to know the possibilities offered by employee central Time module :  

1) Is it possible to reuse the existing PCR & time evaluation schema in SAP ERP as we migrate to EC Time module ?

2) How is the time cluster data in EC Time pushed to payroll ? Is the processing of ZL cluster to send time data to ECP possible 


Thanks in advance for your answers. 



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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Deb,

there is no reuse of personell calculation rules or time schemas from SAP HCM. In EC  Time there are own time valuation rules and "schemas", but they are completely different. So, the configuration is a complete new re-do.

But honestly - this is what you want when you move to the cloud, don´t you? How many PCRs do you have got in your schemas that are not in use anymore or that no one knows what they do cause they are 20 years old?

The main thing when you go to cloud is: rethink what you have first and improve ! Don´t redo what you already have got.

Regarding the clustering: ZL does not exist anymore. Time wage types are replicated into the IT2010 and payroll need to read it from there.

Best regards


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Hi Deb,

you will find that SF data structure is quite different. Not sure what you mean by re-use, but you cannot just download from SAP on prem and upload to SF. Business requirements need to be reconfigured in SF using SF functionality. For example, we found that quite a few data entry checks configured in on prem have to be configured using time valuation in SF for example so it is not 1:1 mapping. 

We are using API integration to local payroll system for T&A data not SF payroll functionality. 

Hope that this helps.