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Mentoring Module Feedback - Email Notifications

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Hi SAP team,

Have been advised by our HR systems team to make a suggestion on the Mentoring module with SAP SuccessFactors HR platform.

We have received feedback that the standardised non-editable e-mail notifications around declines is too harsh with the following subject and message line. Particularly for individuals, seeking a mentor can be a confronting experience already given the possibility of rejection.

Subject: You have been declined

Dear <Name>,
Your request to be matched with <Name> as a mentor in
Optus Wide Mentoring Platform has been declined automatically because they are no longer available. To request a new mentor, please go to your Optus Wide Mentoring Platform.
Optus Wide Mentoring Platform Team

Understand the only emails which can be modified currently are the inviting mentors and mentees to the program for supervised and unsupervised programs. As we are running an Open Enrolment program, understand none of those can be edited.

Can we ask if this on the future product roadmap?

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My company would like me to use the mentoring module for this year's program, and this notification makes me a little nervous. Have you found that any other notifications have been an issue? Have you been in contact with anyone from SAP regarding this notification?

I believe that my company would feel the same way yours does. They would want me to change this notification as well. Do you have any suggestions to a new user of this module? I am hoping to avoid as many issues as possible when I release the program this year. Thank you for your time!


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Hi all,

Hope my answer helps.

You can customize the email subject & body via Manage Language Tool. For example, the above email in the question, labels can be update for the below Keys.