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LMS - How does the "Remind recipients if no due date is set" feature added to 2024 1H work?

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I have a question about this update.

The update in "The New Learning Home Page Displays Assignments Assigned as Non-Required Items" said that it's available to send notifications for items that do not have completion date.

To enable the setting, I have to schedule the Learning Reminder Email Notification. How does it work?


1. Does that feature investigate and send emails that need to be sent at a scheduled time on that screen?

2. Does that feature send email to all items that have enabled the "Remind recipients if no de date is set" setting?


Please kindly let me know about the function and how it works.



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HI! I have tested this a bit over the last couple of weeks and this is what I have determined:

First as a reminder, this notification is only triggered if the item/program is set to include it (with the default being ‘don’t’ include it) – and the user has a pending assignment that does NOT contain a due date AND the APM is scheduled.

These were the settings I used in setting to test:

      • Schedule this process (Yes/No): Yes
      • Select Daily / Weekly (Which Day?) / Monthly (Which Date?): Daily
      • Time of Day: 7:00am
      • Email (User/User AND Supervisor): User and Supervisor
      • Notification Interval (in Days):  3 Days

Here are my findings:

  1. The first notification does not get sent until the “Notification Interval” is complete. For example, if you check the box for the reminder email on the item and the interval is 15 days – the APM will wait 15 days from assignment date to send that ‘first’ communication to a user. - For example, I checked the box for an item and assigned that item to myself on 5/2 (the interval we used in staging for testing was 3 days). I received the first email on 5/5. 
  2. Once the APM has sent a communication to the user, it respects the interval moving forward no matter the assignments that happen in between the intervals. - The next communication I received from that apm was 5/8 despite having multiple other assignments between 5/5 and 5/8. The 5/8 email contained everything that happened between 5/5 and 5/8. 
  3. If a user completes all pending assignments and is no longer picked up by the APM, then suddenly has another assignment that fits the criteria – it reverts back to waiting until the interval completes to send that next notification, at which point would restart the interval process.

Using a 15 Day interval will only send a user a notification every 15 days, at maximum. I am still testing the supervisor side of things to see what their experience would be.

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Thank you so much for sharing useful information. If you have any further information, could you write something? Your answer was very helpful.