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LMS Email Notifications for Instructor Removal

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We are currently encountering an issue with LMS email notifications when an instructor is removed from a class. Following the instructor's removal, no email notifications are sent to them.

Below, we have outlined the steps that we take to remove an instructor from the class:

  1. Go to Class.
  2. Navigate to Agenda.
  3. Click on the three dots button next to the instructor's name.
  4. Select "Edit Time Slot" from the drop-down list.
  5. Check the "Delete" checkbox.
  6. Save the changes.

After going through these steps, the instructor ceases to receive any email notifications. It would be highly beneficial if the instructor could receive an email notification after being removed from the class. This notification will help them stay updated and informed about the changes in their teaching assignments.

We have submitted enhancement requests for SAP. Please see the link below:

You can vote using the link above if someone else is experiencing the same issue.

Thank you,


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@SergueiK Serguei, as a workaround while you wait for your enhancement, perhaps try adding the removed instructor as a Contact on the Contacts tab of the class. You also need to make sure the setting for "Email confirmation to the Contacts" is enabled on the Class Details tab for both Admin-Initiated Actions and User-Initiated Actions. But once the instructor is added as a Contact on the Contacts tab, they will continue to receive notifications for all registration changes. The notification will have a subject line like "Class Contact Registration Confirmation" instead of "Instructor Registration Confirmation", but the body text will be the same. Test out this workaround and see if it meets your business need.

Mary Katherine

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Hello Mary,

We sincerely appreciate your prompt response and the workaround solution you provided. We followed the steps you outlined; however, despite our best efforts, it appears that the intended result has not been achieved – the Instructor has still not received an email notification. To recap the steps we took:

1. Class Detail (Tab): We ensured that the "Email confirmation to the Contacts" option was enabled on the Class Details tab, both for Admin-Initiated Actions and User-Initiated Actions. We also attempted to enable Email confirmation specifically for the Instructor by selecting the 'Yes' radio button.

2. Contacts (Tab): User/Instructor was added as a "Contacts for the Class."

3. Agenda (Tab): We added the Instructor, the same Instructor as added on the Contacts tab.

4. Agenda (Tab): We removed the Instructor from the class. We followed the steps: (a). Selected "Edit Time Slot" from the drop-down list. (b). Checked the "Delete" checkbox. (c). Saved the changes. And the Instructor has yet to receive the anticipated email notification.

Once again, thank you for your workaround suggestion.

Best regards,


Hi All, I am also facing same issue and the workaround is not working, kindly guide.