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LMS Curricula - Updating initial period for new assignments only

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Hi all, I thought I'd see if anyone has had this scenario before and knew the best way to handle it.

We currently have a curriculum which contains a single piece of eLearning content (one-off, no retraining). This was assigned to a group of people (Group A) with an initial period of 7 days to complete the eLearning item within it. We now want to assign the same eLearning item to a different group of people (Group B) with a longer initial period of 90 days to complete it. Is there a way we can update the settings in Manage Content so that any new assignments effective from now on have the new, longer period, without changing this for Group A, so that anyone in that group who hasn't done it yet doesn't suddenly get much longer to complete it (as there are still some people in that group who are overdue)? I thought this could be achieved by setting the Effective Date to today, but this still updated the due dates for the people in Group A. 

Our learning team are just going to create a second curricula with the new date settings for now, but I thought I'd ask the question to see if there are any other options for scenarios like this. 

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