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List view in Calibration is not getting upated- SuccessFactors ( Succcession Module)

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Hello Everyone-

This issue is related to List view in Calibration-

In Calibration> > KL testkalibrering AL( name of the session) >>  List view we are facing 2 major issues.


1- The columns Talent Pool & Performance are not displaying any data. For example the overall PM rating & Rating Pool of Anders Ficks is not getting updated even though we have updated this information.

In our case dont want PM rating to flow from PM forms rather we will drag and  drop from  from 9 * 9 matrix .


What i want to know is when we go to Calibration>> KL testkalibrering AL>> List view >>  When you view open talent card of Anders Ficks, we see that he has been added to Talent Pool- Divisionschef 2024, 

I want same result to appear Talent pool column in List view as well.

Also in Talent card we see that Overall Performance rating is 2.46 , i want same number to appear in Performance column in List view. Is this possible?

We do not use performance forms as a data source for calibration. However, we do want the overall performance rating from the performance template to be visible in the list view. Is that possible?

Please advice

have referred documentation- SF_Calibration_Impl_EN.pdf (  & kba   &,


list view new.pngUntitled 22.png


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The performance on talent card highlighted in screenshot is not the same source as that in calibration list view. In calibration list view, the performance is corresponding to standard element 'performance' in data model, so could you try to configure 'performance' in talent information section of talent card, they should be consistent.

About talent pool, could you check what's the standard element configuration, we should not support it in list view. Or could you share your data model file, I can help check which field exactly.