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Learning new UX - blank Catalog Search no longer available


With the new search in the new UX, a search for the entire catalogue can only be carried out if an "*" is entered in the search field. This represents a deterioration in user-friendliness.

In the previous search, it was possible to perform an empty search to display the entire catalogue by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol without entering anything.

Will the previous behaviour be made available again and is it planned in the roadmap?

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Hi there,

The "Browse the catalog" feature allows for users to see a button on the learning homepage where they can browse categories and the category hierarchies and select a category to apply as a filter. This makes it easier for learners to discover content without entering a keyword. 

Setting up a banner or custom card with a direct link search is a great way to guide a user to the library without a keyword. You can create a card for upcoming classes, items of a specific learning type, source, etc.

We are looking into supporting blank search but it is not currently part of the roadmap.

Hope this helps!