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Learning new UX - blank Catalog Search no longer available


With the new search in the new UX, a search for the entire catalogue can only be carried out if an "*" is entered in the search field. This represents a deterioration in user-friendliness.

In the previous search, it was possible to perform an empty search to display the entire catalogue by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol without entering anything.

Will the previous behaviour be made available again and is it planned in the roadmap?

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Hello Amelie Fidric,

you assume that every customer has the recommendations in use, which is not the case with us.

Unfortunately, the search function you have targeted is not the solution for us, as our employees do not work in this way and need a view of the entire catalogue. In addition, the filters mentioned only come into play once a search has already been carried out, so unfortunately this experience offers no added value here.

As the universal changeover is coming soon, I would like to ask you to provide a brief description of what is described in the RoadMap under "Ability to browse the catalogue" in "Enhanced search functionality in the integrated learning experience".

Can you please also let me know whether activating the personalised recommendations requires additional licences.
Thank you für your effort.