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Learning : Change due date of the trainings assigned after a learner is rehired into LMS

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Details: In Success Factors LMS if someone re-joins, after any period of time, their learning plan is reactivated- but items/courses immediately go overdue by the number of days since they were last due that training.

Example: Let’s say a person – “X” working in the past left the company, Recently the same person – “X” is rehired for some other position, but Company uses same Global ID as before while onboarding to keep track of the user history for the company. Once the user/learner is re-activated, there are several trainings that are auto applied which were not completed from the past having due dates also from the past. Therefore, all those past trainings show as overdue when a user us re-activated. Business ask is that they want to adjust the due date for these past trainings to a future date automatically when a user is re-activated for the user to complete their trainings and not show him/her in the defaulters list.

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We noticed this error also when we disable personalization. We have applied multiple notes with no success. Has anyone been able to solve this?