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km-16104 Minor Visual Changes in 1H 2023

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How to extract in PDF format formated in Landscape from what's new viewer the "minor" visual changes listed in KM-16104 :

when choosing to export only these section of the release document, the output PDF file

is 56 pages long and troncated because the output in portait print format :

i don't find any option in WNW to export in landscape mode


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Good point. I'll report the truncation to Framework team.

The work-around is to open the entire PDF: 
SAP SuccessFactors What's New Viewer

I then used a PDF editor (PDF Exchange... not an endorsement, just what I had) to delete all the other pages. It's too big to attach here (21 kb). I did attach the view you get. The images remain crisp, so when you zoom, it works, even for the largest, busy screenshots. See attached. 

You might also want to use a PDF in conjunction with the Web. Use the dynamic filtering to narrow to any visual changes you truly want to investigate. 

Time investment for the work-around: less than five minutes. 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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FYI, this is submitted now. The framework team now has the opportunity to consider it.