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Issue with downloading from iContent server

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I am currently facing an issue with downloading files from iContent server. The problem is the following: There were some e-learnings uploaded either as Content Objects or Content Packages via LMS. When I look for the Content Object ID (the one I see in LMS) within iContent Server, I realized they do not match. I am therefore not able to identify which Content Object actually belongs to which Item. 
Moreover, as I mentioned, there were some e-learnings uploaded as Content package. The filter option on iContent server (via browser) does not go inside the various folders, but filter only within the folder that is currently open. I am therefore unable to match Content Package to the Item. Is there any other option to deal with this?
Could you please advise, how to solve this issue. I have not found any KBA on download from iContent server. 

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Dear Saskia,

Simply open the content object (content/content objects), on the Launch Method tab, you will see the Content URL. you may need to scroll to the right in the field. In there you will see the folder names.

By default, SF will use the content object ID as folder name, when you import a scorm package, if you don't rename the ID, than that ID would be nothing understandable, and retrievable... So we systematically name the content objects ID same as ItemID with a suffix.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the reply!