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Is there a quick way to remove an LMS program from all users who have not completed it yet

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In the LMS I am trying to deactivate a program that is currently assigned to numerous inactive users.  I am wondering if there is a quick way to remove a program from all users who have not completed it yet?  Also, is there a setting to remove any incomplete programs from users when they become inactive? 

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@dmarx, you asked two questions. Your first question is how to remove a program from all users who have not completed it yet.

There is an option for Remove Programs under Manage User Learning > Manage Assignments. If you do not see this option under that menu, you may need to talk to the security admin for your LMS. On step 1, you add the list of users from whom you wish to remove the program; on step 2, you select the program that you wish to remove and click Run Job Now. But remember that you can only unassign incomplete programs.

However, I realize you may be facing the situation of how to find a list of all users who have the program assigned but who are incomplete. Since there is not currently a User search criterion for "Has Program Assigned", I would suggest you run a Program Status CSV report with the following settings:
* Unmask User IDs
* User status = probably Both if you are deactivating the program and need it unassigned from all users who are still incomplete
* Program ID = select the program you want unassigned
* Program Status = Not Completed
* Include Activities = UNCHECKED

This report will give you a list of User IDs of those who have the program assigned but are still incomplete. Convert the list of User IDs in the CSV into a comma-separated list of IDs. There are multiple ways to do this. Personally, I copy the ID list and paste it into Word, use CNTL-H to bring up the Find and Replace menu, then enter ^p in the Find box and enter a comma into the Replace box. This trick replaces the paragraph symbol that occurs after each User ID with a comma. Others use a formula in Excel, but I don't know the formula. Once you have a comma-separated list of User IDs, return to the LMS to the Manage User Learning > Manage Assignments > Remove Programs menu. In step 1, click "add one or more from list", paste the comma-separated list into the User ID field and change the "Starts With" search operator to "Any". Search and select all users in the list. Then proceed to step 2. Once you complete step 2 and remove the assignments, re-run the Program Status CSV report to see if there was anyone who got missed.

Your second question was whether there is a setting to remove any incomplete programs from users when they become inactive. The answer is "yes, but..."

In the CONNECTOR configuration file (System Admin > System Configuration), there is a setting within the user.connector, federaluser.connector and sfuser.connector configuration sections called "inactiveRule.cleanDevPlan" [e.g. sfuser.connector.inactiveRule.cleanDevPlan]. If you are using one of these connectors to add and update user records in your LMS, then you should discuss this setting with your LMS system administrator or implementation partner. When this setting is set to Y and a user's LMS account status changes from Active to Inactive, the LMS will automatically remove all directly assigned items and curricula, all future class registrations, all entities assigned by an assignment profile, and all incomplete program assignments. But please understand this setting applies to all assigned entities and cannot be set to apply to just programs. If your company uses one of the user connectors today but has this setting set to N (which means that assignments and registrations are not removed when an LMS user's account goes inactive), then you should have an in-depth discussion with your system admin team or partner to understand why it is disabled. We have always enabled this setting at my company, and it works well for us. But then we only allow our user accounts to go inactive when someone is termed.

Good luck,
Mary Katherine Johnson