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Is mass change to Email Notifications in LMS with their link broken to the Master possible?

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Is there a tool available that can mass update the notification templates in the LMS that have had their connection broken between them and the master?

For example we have the SystemEnrollmentNotification that has recently been updated with a new URL in it. But we have 1000 items that have had a Joining Instructions attachment added to the notification on the item level thus breaking the connection to the master template. That means 1000 email notifications that need to be updated in the UK and US locale by hand unless there's a way for us to override the broken connection? If not - why is this not possible - in the old editor you could create custom labels that could help you limit things that might need changing like adding a URL to a label then updating the label. Custom Syntax tags dont exist so this is a real issue.

I have raised an influence for it but hoping maybe in my search for answers i have missed something key.

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Hi @heidirobinson ,

what do you mean by "mail notifications that need to be updated in the UK and US locale by hand"? I mean how do you actually do that? Maybe creating some kind of automation.

We have a similar problem with the Item Evaluation Assignment Notification, we have  changed the template but we still have items for which the old one is sent (in red is the new one while all the other are old). We have no idea how this can happen since this notification cannot be customized at Item/Class level.


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