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.ics File Does Not Automatically Block User's Outlook Calendar

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Hi Experts,

Since SF Learning application is relying heavily on email notifications, I thought it would be an option to also check with you the current scenario we’re having and would be great to receive some feedback and input here.

My clients and I are exploring the possibilities with booking user’s calendar on Outlook automatically when they receive an invitation mail for a class containing .ics file in it. The problem we are currently experiencing is, when users receive an invitation mail (attached with .ics file), it does not automatically book their outlook calendar unless manually open to add.

Do you know if this is a standard behaviour and can it be done differently to cater these requirements (automatically booking of calendar)? This will be helpful to the users especially if they overlooked and can easily refer back in the outlook calendar.

Global Application Settings > Mail (tab)


Not blocked


Let me know if you see a different way/option to manage this. Thank you very much!

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@tyankhoo  There is a standard solution for your concern.

Apart from sending mails with .ics attachments the LMS is also capable of sendin outlook calendar invites.

These appear as meeting invites directly in your outlook inbox. All you need to do is enable the setting.

Learning administration > System administration > Configuration > Global application settings > Tab "Mail" > Enable: Send Vcalendar attachments as Calendar invite.




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Thank you very much @Lukas_Meller! 🙂

We tested this option and it was working fine but ultimately our clients would like to avoid multiple invitations sent out. For instance, this works perfectly for a one day class. With 3-5 day class, each invitation is sent separately. Do you know if there's a way to avoid that?

Much appreciated!! Thanks.