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IAS for Onboarding Welcome Email not triggering - How to troubleshoot

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Hello SAP SF Community, 

IAS configuration has been completed for Onboarding and the users (new hires) are being created (when the onboarding process is initiated) yet the Welcome Email is not being sent from IAS. 

Would someone please help with the troubleshooting steps? 

All help is appreciated,

Carolina Rojas. 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Carolina,

Confirm that the IAS is enabled in provisioning. Also, check to see if your tasks were created.  I experienced this where the IAS email did not trigger, but my tasks did not get created.

I followed the following KBA and it triggered the IAS email. 3107386 - No Tasks Created in Dashboard - Onboarding - SAP for Me

If the IAS emails are still not triggering, you will need to create a support ticket.


Roberta Mondave


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Hi Roberta,

Thanks for responding. 

We figured out the issue.  The email is triggering and it has been tested.