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IAS exclude contractors from receiving the onboarding welcome e-mail

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How do we exclude profiles created in SF as contractors (we have an EP field that tags them as contractor) from receiving a welcome e-mail from IAS after they have been sync ?

has anyone tried the code below but instead of email, used a different field/value?

{ "condition": "$.emails.value =~ /.*",

"constant": "false", "targetPath": "$.sendMail",

"scope": "createEntity" }

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Hi, Yes it should be possible.

Check the attribute which you want to use. make sure you use the correct syntax else it will not work.

Seach this in SF - "SCIM" you will find something like - workforce scim .. click on it. you will find the default fields  which are supported to be synced using SCIM protocol(used by IPS).

If it's not the default one - Map it with custom attributes in HRIS field and try to use the custom attribute

Regards Sushil