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HRIS Sync Fails Report

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Hello SAP Partner Community,

Our client needs to see the fails from the HRIS Sync. While the sync notifies on the number of successes, it does not provide information for the fails.

This information is needed to determine where are the issues and fix accordingly. Employee Profile fields have been used for RBP set up. The client needs to do sync between the Employee Central data and the Employee Profile. If this fails, they will be unable to find the fails which would in turn has an impact on RBP. Having the HRIS Sync failing will impact the data loads. In brief, the client would like to check on the HRIS Sync report to get a list of all the users for whom the Sync job fails whenever the HRIS Sync job is run in the system. Is there a way to do a compare between the import and the data after the sync runs? Do any of you have ideas on how to get to see the fails? Any previous experience with this? Ideas for a workaround?

Thanks in advanced,
Carolina Rojas.
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Hi Jasper,

Thank you for the answer. The issue is that if it fails of 1 or 8,000 the Client needs to know who that user is to adjust accordingly. We need to identify a way to troubleshoot the fails.