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How to send an automatic email to new joiner at first day

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Dear All,

I have country specific business requirement - we need to send an email to new joiner at first working day which will have all country tax related information. This email should not go when candidate is in onboarding stage, email will go to candidate at his/her first working day. And it should be automatic. Can anyone please share your insight or knowledge on this? Your input is really appreciated 🙂



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Dear Akanksha.

Could you please let us know whether you were able to resolve the issue by creating a custom workflow/alert? We have a similar requirement where we need to send a welcome email to a specific group of employees only on their first day. We are curious to know if business tiles can be used to achieve this objective.

Many thanks,


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Dear Sinan,

Yes - I was able to complete this successfully. Let me try to help you here with steps -

Step 1 - Config workflow for recipients under CC role type - Role and CC role as Self (follow this if recipients are employee)

Step 2 - Config alert message as required

Step 3 - Config business rule with base object Job information with parameter Alert and add your filter as required under If and add your alert workflow, alert message and alert effective date as today under Then

Step 4 - Save your business rule under job info with trigger event SaveAlert

Hope it help you 🙂



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could you please elaborate how you did this from job Info?

can you share a screenshot of the rule?

i have done the same based on hire date from employment details but this isnt working for me.