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How to get item descriptions with line breaks into a neat report?

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When you pull an LMS standard report or PRD custom report which includes item descriptions and audience descriptions, then the result in csv is distorted, if the descriptions contain line breaks or line feeds. 

Do you have any suggestions how to fix this? 

Thanks, Uwe

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line breaks caused by special characters, usually item descriptions are copied from microsoft word it will create those type line breaks, I also ran into this situation and tried everything to eliminate it from sql-code but it wont work
only way is to rework on description inside LMS.
another workaround involves background elements.
for my scenario, i want to send custom report to linkedin sftp, to achieve that i created custom prd which sends item data(id,type,dte,desc) along with format of live data import templates(^userid,^assigmentid,lms_background_element)

then i created integration centre report which removes multiple special characters and again sends the data to new background element

now I schedule report for linkedin using newly created background element using integration centre
if you want to only create report for user/admin consumption then you can report using stories or ord