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How to Distribute SAP Companion for Desktop Files to End Users

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How can i distribute the SAP Companion for Desktop files to end users so that they are able to view it on their systems? I researched about it and found out that Navigator.senl (via SAP Enable Now Launcher) file is required for anyone to view SAP Companion for Desktop deliverables. But what do I need to do to make it easy for the end users?

Let me know, please.


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For on premise it is documented in the SAP Companion for Desktop Installation Guide, available from For cloud you just need to make sure the users have SAP Enable Now Launcher installed, and then call the URL of the Desktop Assistant Group (e.g.{workareaid}/da/DA_XXXXXXXXXXX/.inav).

The trick is getting it to start as soon as the user starts their PC. There, you can either add it to a .bat file in the startup folder, or use Task Scheduler. Either way, something will need to be installed on everyone's PCs.