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How to create a deep link with a dynamic user id for an Alert and Notification?

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my customer needs to send a notification to several parties within the organization when there is a 'Change in Manager' - A change in employee’s Manager can occur because of a Take Action on the relevant employee – I am okay with this scenario.

However, there are other scenarios where SF ‘automatically’ updates the employee’s Manager, .e.g. if a Manager is terminated, the system creates a new Job Info record for the direct reports of the terminated Manager and assigns a new Manager to them.To address the scenarios where SF 'automatically' updates the employee's Manager, I am using a rule on Post Save of a custom MDF that is populated from an Integration Center that gets triggered from Intelligent Services (phew!). As I am using Integration Center, I can't trigger a Workflow with CC and custom Notification (, so I am using Alerts and Notifications. However, custom email notification is not supported for EC Alerts ( (argh!) - the Tags available to be used with Alerts are not sufficient, sooooo, I would like to provide a hyperlink that would take the recipient of the Alert directly to the Job Information of the employee whose manager has changed.

What can I do to dynamically

<a href=<COMPANY>?selecteduser=<userid>>Click here</a>

I have tried using [[SUBJECT_USER]] in place of <userid> but it does not work.

Any ideas??

Thanks and regards,


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Hey Cristiana!

Did you managed to solve this issue? I am facing the same scenario than you (I need to send a notification with custom tags but could not because of the "workflowConfirmed=true" on the workflow.

Please let me know if you found some workaround for it!

Thank you so much.

- Fernando Plaza