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How to create a deep link with a dynamic user id for an Alert and Notification?

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my customer needs to send a notification to several parties within the organization when there is a 'Change in Manager' - A change in employee’s Manager can occur because of a Take Action on the relevant employee – I am okay with this scenario.

However, there are other scenarios where SF ‘automatically’ updates the employee’s Manager, .e.g. if a Manager is terminated, the system creates a new Job Info record for the direct reports of the terminated Manager and assigns a new Manager to them.To address the scenarios where SF 'automatically' updates the employee's Manager, I am using a rule on Post Save of a custom MDF that is populated from an Integration Center that gets triggered from Intelligent Services (phew!). As I am using Integration Center, I can't trigger a Workflow with CC and custom Notification (, so I am using Alerts and Notifications. However, custom email notification is not supported for EC Alerts ( (argh!) - the Tags available to be used with Alerts are not sufficient, sooooo, I would like to provide a hyperlink that would take the recipient of the Alert directly to the Job Information of the employee whose manager has changed.

What can I do to dynamically

<a href=<COMPANY>?selecteduser=<userid>>Click here</a>

I have tried using [[SUBJECT_USER]] in place of <userid> but it does not work.

Any ideas??

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Karen,

thanks for your reply.

One of the options I tried was the one you are suggesting - I had created a Workflow with CC only and using Document Generation template so I could have a meaningful notification to the recipients.

As I using Integration Center to populate the custom MDF, I am unable to trigger a Workflow - this SAP Note says that "It won't be possible to trigger workflows if you are using Integration Center to import the data into the MDF object as Integration Center doesn't support additional parameters like workflowConfirmed=true, and this parameter is mandatory".

That's why I am using Alerts and Notifications instead. However, I can't have a meaningful notification when using Alerts and Notifications - e.g. customer would like the content of the notification to have the Employee ID of the impacted employee and the previous manager / new manager. I am unable to achieve that with Alerts and Notifications, so I would like to be able to have a link in the Notification that would take the user to the Job Information of the impacted employee.


. Cristiana reports to John

. John has resigned - during the Termination, every employee that reported to John was moved to report to Paul

. Event 'Change in Manager' is published to Intelligent Services > the Integration is triggered and populates the custom MDF > alert is sent to the IT Department (

The IT Department person receives the Notification that there has been a Change in Manager for Cristiana

The IT Department person click the link and the link takes the person to Cristiana's Job Information so he/she can see who the previous manager was and who the current manager is (as I am unable to provide this information in the Notification that is sent from the Alert - one cannot use Document Generation for Alerts and Notifications (

So...I am trying to understand if there is anyway that I can take the recipient of the email directly to the Job Information of the impacted employee!

Any other ideas?

Kind regards,


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Hey Cristiana!

Did you managed to solve this issue? I am facing the same scenario than you (I need to send a notification with custom tags but could not because of the "workflowConfirmed=true" on the workflow.

Please let me know if you found some workaround for it!

Thank you so much.

- Fernando Plaza