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How to configure employee search result in global header

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Current Employee Search in Global Header is described in Sap Documentation in the prism of employee search criteria

unfortunately there is few SAP Notes that describes Employee Search Result format:

Employee search result is made of employee name format AND (username)

no notes is handling the username part of the search result

I suspect the standard DisplayName ( not configurable in BCUI)  to store name format and username.

i also suspect a bug in Admin Center  Platform Feature Settings.> hide username

we have other information that personal informations ( name, preferred name, etc) to display like username in employee search result so what is the way to proceed ?

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If you use Employee Central, you can enable General Display Name via Company System & Logo Settings, and then in Manage Data > Name Format, you can set the format of the General Display Name which is used across the system, including the search results when searching for employees in the global header. 

For example, if you have a Preferred Name field in Employee Central, you can set it so that the format is Preferred First Name + Last Name, with an alternative of the regular First Name field so that the regular first name is used it the Preferred First Name is not maintained. 

If this is what your question is regarding, then you should be able to find plenty of information from SAP using the search term 'General Display Name'.

Edit: I've just seen that, even without General Display Name enabled, there is another setting on Company System & Logo Settings "Enable the name format selected in Configure People Profile to apply globally". Then within Configure People Profile > General Settings, there is the option Choose Name Format where you can select the relevant format from Manage Data > Name Format.

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Name format only allows to select personal info field : if you want to display username, country code or company code it’s just impossible to select the info