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How to change User Source System for a user in LMS?

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Dear all,


Usecase: We have all active users accesing LMS via BizX (IAS is implemented), and all these users have "Success Factor Platform" as User Source System in LMS. But there is 1 active user in LMS who has '"Learning" as User Source System. Could you please share with me if you have any documenatation about how to change User Source System for a user in LMS?


Also, I noticed a pop up when accesing Learning for the first time each month (pop up about SF Learning Native Login Deprecation).

We have in one of our Productive instances few users who are either active or inactive and which have "Learning" as User Source System. 
*The big majority of users have "SuccessFactors Platform" as User Source System. We have access via IAS, users have accounts also in SF platform but as specified above, few users still have "Learning" as User Source System. 

Do you happen to know what will happen to the users who are inactive but have "Learning" as User Source System ?

  • Wil they be deleted automatically? or Will they only lose access and still appears in LMS with "Learning" as User Source System?


Many thanks!




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hi Viki!

i think through system administration -> system management tools -> Import data 

You select Import data and user and correct user source system.


I could not find any kba anymore with this setting but it worked in the past.

thank you!