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How to avoid mandatory check for backdated on Job History even field is on mandatory in EmpJob

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Hi All,

Actually we have enabled two fields on Job Info as mandatory and mandatory is applicable from this current financial year onward, How to handle if we want these two field as non mandatory for backdated on Job Information History.

For Ex: 1)If we insert New record/Update record from after 1st April 2023 then it should be mandatory.

2)If we insert New record/Update record before 1st April 2023 then it should not be mandatory and it should not ask as these fields are mandatory.



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It is a lot easier to not make the field mandatory and to use a rule for a error based on conditions to be honest. You could do an onchange rule to swap between mandatory and not, but the problem is that an oninit rule won't really work for job info changes with regards to making the field mandatory or not (so you may start with the wrong setting then when doing job data changes).