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How to add To be Hired flag on the Termination Screen

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Hi Experts,

We have a requirement. We are using Employee Central with Position Management and we want to mark the To Be Hired flag to NO, so that the position will not be sent to recruiting system (other than SF), if business decides to use it for future.

So, we are looking for an option to have To Be Hired flag to show on Termination screen so that the user can mark that position either Yes or No on that field.

Did anyone came across this type of requirement and how it was handled?

I raised an enhancement request to have To Be Hired flag shown on termination screen similar to the Deactivate Position option showing on termination screen.

Please vote:

Thank you

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Even there is option on Position Management Settings to either make To Be Hired flag set when a termination entered but we cannot use it as it applies for all positions and all terminations. We raised this enhancement as the customers can have option to set To Be Hired flag to Yes or No based on the individual requirement. That way, the position can be open or closed temporarily if there is any hiring freeze or budgetted for a later time in the year. This helps a lot of customers, so please vote as it has to meet minimum number of votes to be considered by SF product team. Appreciate your help on this.

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