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Hi Folks,How can an agency submit the candidate whose profile is already there in database?

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Hi Folks,

How can an agency submit the candidate whose profile is already there in database? Scenario is during mass upload candidate was uploaded to the system . But same candidate was forwarded by agency and there was no duplicate candidate error message. System didn't restrict it in spite of advanced options are enabled in system for country code and phone number.

Primary email Id is also same. In manage duplicate candidate, could see 2 profiles identical one as external another as agency of same candidate and details. But now theres no candidate in manage duplicate candidate now. Question is system should restrict agency to forward. 

Can you please share your views



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hey, Shweta!

There will be scenarios where existing Candidate Profiles can be submitted by Agency Users and there will be no restrictions. The behavior would depend on the configuration you have and the ownership settings.

If you'd like to have more details about the Agency Portal settings, you can refer to the following documents:

If by any chance you meant that a new Candidate Profile has been created, and you had two Profiles with the exact same information, including the primaryEmail property, then this wouldn't be an expected behavior, and you're welcome to submit a ticket to Product Support.


Best Regards,