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Help with IAS Initial Password for Non-SSO Users

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I have a stalled IAS project that had started and stopped multiple times over the past couple of years for different reasons. We have partial SSO, where only some employees have a company email and others log in via username and password. I understand the dummy email creation process for our password users for their username. I understand having different login groups. What has been the latest struggle is how the password users log in for the very first time. There is no real email to send a welcome email. We have tried to go down the path of automatically creating a default password with logic but have not had any luck.

I read there is a way to use the forgot password option for the first access to create their Identity Authentication password. I do not understand how this works. Can someone please explain this to me in detail?

If I provide the IAS login url to a new employee and tell them to use the Forgot your password option. They enter their username/dummy email using the logic I can provide (first initial of first name followed by the first 7 letters of last name followed by ''). Then what? How does it authenticate to be able to create a password?

I need some help and would really appreciate anyone's experience and knowledge to be shared. 

Thank you, 


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Hi Julie,

   For users with email addresses and password login you can have IAS send them the initial Welcome email that let's them set their password. Those same people could use the Forgot Password feature since it's based on them receiving an email. For folks who need to login with password but don't have valid emails, they have to be given a default password. Most customers combine something from the SF data along with some static values. if users have some value like employee id that perhaps isn't absolutely secret but is not easy for folks to guess that's ideal. The IPS tool is capable of creating the passwords following some rules. Then you just need to tell the user what to use on first login. Note, sending the welcome email, setting the password etc can be done for specific users based on conditions in IPS. 

 For users given an initial password because they have no email, you can also enable the Reset Password with Secret Questions feature in IAS. Like the others, you can apply rules to determine who will use this feature.

Thanks, Dan