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Help in getting Vacant Positions using the Incumbent First Name & Last Name columns

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I am trying to get all vacant positions for Succession Planning and ideally, a table for export of all vacant positions and positions with incumbent as of date in one table.

  • I thought that filtering for Incumbent name = Null would get me all vacant positions.
  • Issue: When I filtered for Incumbent name = Null, this only included positions where there was never an incumbent ever. This excluded positions whose previous incumbents had left the company already (Employee Status = Terminated).

First, I set my Time Filter for Incumbents to Today (same as the first table). I was thinking, this should only give Active incumbents AND incumbent field that is blank (terminated incumbents OR no one was ever in that position). But, I am getting even terminated ones and multiple rows for some positions even.



Next, I created a calculated field in the query to calculate if an Incumbent field (Concatenated field of incumbent first and last name) is blank or with a terminated employee status = 0.


This is what I got. But in my table, I only want to show those in green highlight (no incumbents and active incumbents).


Note: I have created a canvas advanced reporting with the same date filters of incumbents as of today and I got all active incumbents and blank incumbents into one report.


Is there a way to achieve this (same as advanced reporting) in Story?

SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics 

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Lissie,

You are on the right track. The incumbents table contains also incumbents that are terminated. Even with date filter set to "Today". With Position make sure you set a filter on record status = "N" and status = "Active"


You can also create a calculated column for Vacant / Non-Vacant:

IF(ISNULL([Employment#Incumbents#User ID] ) ,"Yes" ,"No" )

Kind regards,