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Health Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM



Hi All,

I would like to start my this blog by a famous quote by Matthew Henry "Better late than never"

The reason of quoting this is, it has been quite a time that I didn't publish any SAP Blog on SAP ALM topics.

So I thought to re-start writing SAP blogs on different SAP ALM topics.

As you can already see the topic of this blog: Health Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM.

What is Health Monitoring in SAP Cloud ALM?

So, to understand it in simple terms, you can say it as a lighter version of system monitoring in SAP Solution Manager, which is much simpler, much quicker and mush user friendly.

In the Health Monitoring application you can check the health of your monitored cloud service and technical systems from an application and customer perspective. Technical metrics are collected on a regular basis and can be used to calculate the overall health of the monitored object.


Features of Health Monitoring

In detail, the following features are available:

  • Overview
    In the overview screen you can see the current status of all cloud services or technical systems which are connected to Health Monitoring. An overall health is calculated based on the number of metrics in warning or critical status.


  • Monitoring
    The metric details for each monitored object can be shown when it is selected from the overview page. There you can see a list of components and metrics. Each component or metric is represented by a tile which summarizes the current value and rating. By clicking on a tile you will get more details on all contained metrics.


  • Analytics
    For each metric it is possible to show the historical values of the metric. Here you can identify trends or investigate at which time a specific resource shortage has occurred.



Health Monitoring - Setup & Configuration

Before you can set up Health Monitoring in SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, you have to connect your subscribed SAP cloud services or your manager system/technical system to your SAP Cloud ALM instance.

Follow this blog for setting up SAP Cloud ALM for health monitoring of your manager system

Support from SAP for Health Monitoring:

In case of any support required, please raise a case with SAP with component SV-CLM-OP-HM.


Health monitoring is very useful when it comes to faster configuration, ready to use dashboard, eliminating unwanted alerts, and getting readymade analytics.

Thanks for reading this and wish you best wishes.


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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Nilabh,

Just so you know, you haven't posted this as a blog, you've posted this to the Q&A section.
This probably has affected the traffic, because people might expect it to be a question instead of blog content. 

In the future, I suggest that you double check that you are posting the to "Blog" area before submitting the post.
It will improve the engagement with your post and increase the likelihood of it being seen.

Thanks and regards,