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H2 2023 - LMS: course recommendation

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Hi, as we're preparing to launch the new Learner Home page with H2, I wondered if there was a way to recommend as course as admin to a wider target group ?

In short, launching the new learning home page with empty buckets is missing a good opportunity, hence, I would love to be able to e-g recommend a Leadership eLearning to all our managers, or some "prepare for your year end appraisal" online course, just so it looks good. 

Is this possible ?

Any other ideas on how to make this nice and complete for the launch ?

Sadly, my preview instance contains pretty much only dummy data, so I can not (yet) see how the system would recommend other topics based on the AI.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @Kristian_Unell : I appreciate your efforts to help make the experience pretty for your users. Unfortunately, the admin recommendations are not supported yet but are on our immediate roadmap. Meanwhile, the new learning experience will show any required training users have along with any other self-assigned training. If you have enabled peer recommendations, users can also recommend learning to their peers which will then show up in new experiences. Users can also explore new enhanced search and bookmark the courses they like, those will also show up on new experience. Hope this helps!