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Granular permission for deleting Calibration sessions

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Hi all,

My client has the following requirement:

A corporate Admin creates the #Calibration templates and the Calibration session including allocating Facilitators for each session. This Corporate Admin should be able to delete session

The facilitator should not be able to delete sessions.

When I remove the permission to delete sessions from the Facilitator from Calibration settings, this removes this permission for all users, also the Corporate Admin who is not the Facilitator.

Is there a way to distinguish? So to have an Admin role delete sessions but not the Facilitator role?

Kind regards, Monique

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Currently, for in progress session, the permissions are the same for facilitator and co-facilitator, there's no way to configure separately. Feel free to raise your request, we will keep tracking and enhance depending on the priority after further evaluating.