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Granting Viewing/editing permission for planner and approver in SF compensation

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The step first of the route is for the comp admin,

The second step is for the Planner (2nd Manager hierarchy is used) were he as the permission to edit the worksheets for his reportes in Form Inbox,

When the worksheet is routed to the 3rd step to the approver (2nd Manager's Manager) the recommendation should be an editable in the ER,

This works fine when Planners and approvers are different.


Requirement: When the planners and approvers are the same, we are facing an issue.

As when the worksheet is in the inbox the planner should be able to edit the recommendation but as an approver when in the ER view he should not be able to edit recommendation for his direct reporters, please suggest any workarounds so we can help the customer here.


SAP SuccessFactors Compensation 

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Product and Topic Expert
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At this time you need to control this access manually via RBP and toggle the permissions appropriately throughout the planning process for how many levels deep a manager can edit.

For example during the time period the worksheets are in Step 1 only Managers on Directs are allowed to edit from June 1 - June 7 and then during Step 2 from June 8 - June 15 you update your RBP to open it to indirects - since all of the worksheets won't be in the step at the same time this will need to be a training issue to align on dates where the accesses are available. 

There is a road map item to be able to control Executive Review access based on Route Map step however it is not yet available.