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Format date token

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In PMGM there are two versions of the "due date" token: IS WAS DUE DATE & IS WAS DUE DATE LONG.

the long version presenting the date with the month name.

I have a few EC custom notifications where i'd like to modify the date custom mapping token to present it in "long format", say mmm dd,yyyy instead of the default mm/dd/yyyy.

Any suggestions?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear vachterm81,

The EC notifications considered the location of the employee who is receiving the notification (except for the workflow notifications which follows the location of the workflow subject).

I hope this helps!

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Karen Perez

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thanks. however, my question isnt about the preconfigured date formats (dd/mm/yyyy vs etc).

but about the possibility of "taking control" and formatting date tokens in long format.

also not necessarily talking about preconfigured tokens, but mostly about custom tokens created via document mapping.

any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

for reference, the below is taken from KBA 2087503:

Long Date Format Token

  • There is the option to include dates displayed in written-out format in emails notifications.
  • To do so, include this email variable (token) in the email notification template: IS WAS DUE ON LONG and the date will display in this format (for example): May 21, 2010 instead of in number format, such as 05/21/10.
  • This new token supports various written date formats such as, 21 May 2010 and other localized date formats.
  • This token may be added anywhere you’d like a written date to show up in 360 Review email notifications.