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Feedback Preview b2305 (1 / 2023)

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Dear All,

is this the right place for feedback regarding preview Q2 2023? 

In the archived forum we had discussions regarding instructional registration texts in Course Home. And it was promised that these will come back in the next releases.

While instructional registration texts are available and in use without Course Home (e. g. "instruction.ApprovalProcess.ScheduledOffering.RequiresAccountCode"), they are not available anymore, once you switch to course home.

Helpful information, e. g. what to do if the cost center which is displayed in the registration process is not correct (etc.) is not available anymore.

We really need this feature back and we consider it really unfortunate that existing features are silently abandonned and the customers just left with the fallout.

Looking forward to your feedback,

Brgds., Uwe

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