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Export Job Posting from SF to Corporate Site

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Hello SF Partner Community,

My client is interested in exporting the jobs from SuccessFactors into their corporate site, using it to post jobs. The candidate would look at the job details there and apply though SuccessFactors.

To properly outline the effort and do an accurate time estimation of the work, I would like to hear if anyone has done this and what are key factors to consider.

What are the potential risks to account for? Is there an increased work from the client's side on maintaining the feed? Would Recruiting Posting be impacted by this? Would the internal and external private posting be impacted? How would this approach impact the Employee Referral Program?

Thanks in advanced,


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Hi Carolina,


The recommended way to provide job postings to a third party is through the Recruiting Marketing (RMK) tool, which can automatically distribute jobs to all relevant locations. 

It is possible to utilize web services to build your own XML extract from our tool and pass it to a third party, or to purchase a Boomi license and contract Professional Services time to have this built custom. 

There is a standard pre-packaged XML export for posted jobs; this is not configurable, the contents will NOT be changed upon request and in the medium/long term this will probably be deprecated, so while it is technically available today it is not advisable to rely on this feature as a long-term solution.