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Error while downloading XSD stracture sf server in eclipse juno for Entity:CompoundEmployee

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Hi Team,

I followed below url and tried to download XSD for entity compoundemployee then i can able to see the query fields.

Find the below screenshoots

But, this is not a case for remaining entities.See the below screen for CustomerManager Entity

I can able to download xsd for all entities except Compound employee.

Could you please help to fix the problen to download xsd for compoundemployee.

I will appreciate who can help to resolve the issue.

thank's in advance.



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Hello Polani,

In this case we suggest you to use the WebUI, the Eclipse is no longer recommended and supported by SAP, since WebUI has all the features and more. And in the webUI there can be more frequent updates and new features every month.

Please try it using WebUI and let us know the results.


Vitor Lemberck

Active Contributor
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Hi Vitor,

Can you please provide any guidance on how to use WEBUI for downloading the schema for compound employee API.