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Enable Now Workarea Syncing


Working with some colleagues on producing content in Enable Now. We are facing an issue where when we sync workareas in Producer, the content created or edited by others is not coming up in our local producer workarea and vice versa.

Any suggestions or tips on why this might not be working/how to get it to sync would be appreaciated!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Naz,

The Synchronisation process will ensure that existing content is updated in Producer and Manager so both copies of the content are aligned. However, new content will likely not be replicated to Producer on other author machines. Try:

1. Open Manager and confirm that the original author of the content has indeed successfully replicated the content in Manager

2. Open Producer on one of the other authoring machines, not the one used to develop the content, and select Workarea > Check Out Objects

3. Select the Checkbox for all content to be replicated to the new machine and click OK

Once the checkout process has finished, check for the new content in the content structure. If the new content is not visible in the content structure, check the Unsorted folder, it is likely located in the unsorted folder. If it is:

1. Click on the parent folder in the folder structure
2. Select Workarea > Start Editing All Objects

Once you have control of the parent folder(s), the content should automatically 'jump' from the Unsorted folder and be redisplayed in the correct location(s) in the folder structure.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

Active Contributor

Tip: If, when you check out the objects (Shane's Step 2), you also select every parent node from the content you want to sync all the way back to Root (and CTRL+click if you just want the node and not ALL of its contents), the content will automatically be placed in the correct position in your Workarea structure.