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Enable Now video generated but audio is missing

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Dear Experts,

Please advice, i am facing issue with SAP Enable Now.

Video has audio and can be heard during simulation, however when video is generated in the default resolution, the output .mp4 dosent gives any sound and keeps playing the video.

To make sure that my device is not at fault, i have checked the same video in multiple device, unfortunately results are same, only video and no audio.

Greatly appreciated if any one can help!


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Dhiren & shanealipke,

I am also having this issue now when I try to generate videos from a simulation. Prior to 2311, when I would generate a video that had audio attached to specific steps, that audio would export in the video, and now its silent.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Andrew,

If you are finding that MP4 files do not have audio, I would check the settings used to generate the video file in Producer.  I have found that modifying the Audio Format value can make a difference.  I've also found that turning off the User Screen Capture (Faster) setting can also result in a better outcome.  I would try something like the following settings, I've just generated video using these settings and it is working:


 Outside that, if none of the available audio settings seem to work, perhaps raise a ticket.