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Enable Now Companion content not showing up in browser

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I have a strange situation with Companion content. When I access the Fiori launchpad using a browser (Edge, Chrome), neither the in-app nor Learning Center content show up and instead and a message stating "No learning content matching your current screen found.".

However, when accessing the same SAP env using the Business Client, companion content shows fine in both the in-app and Learning Center...Anyone ever experience this?

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It sounds like there may be a compatibility or configuration issue with the Fiori launchpad when accessed through certain browsers like Edge and Chrome. Sometimes, browser cache can cause unexpected behavior. Try clearing the cache and cookies in your Edge and Chrome browsers and then reload the Fiori launchpad to see if the companion content appears. Ensure that the version of Edge and Chrome you are using is compatible with the Fiori launchpad. SAP often provides compatibility guidelines for browsers and versions that work best with their applications. I hope that it may have helped you, there may be some more issues but firstly check them